A common sitting area encourages residents to spend time with family, friends and each other.

For a person living with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia, the world is a confusing, sometimes frightening place.

He or she may experience loss of memory, have trouble finding words, experience general disorientation, and have difficulty making judgments. Family and friends may notice changes in the person’s behavior and personality. There is help, yet the thought of leaving one’s home can be overwhelming for those with memory loss and/or medical issues.

GreenField Terrace on Broadway in Lancaster offers assisted living for those with memory impairment issues or those in need of a more enhanced level of assisted care – all in a place that’s just like home.

GreenField Terrace, which opened in February, is comprised of four houses surrounding an enclosed courtyard, allowing residents to enjoy the gardens and simply being outdoors without risk of wandering. Three of the buildings offer memory care assisted living for those with dementia. Specialized programs and activities are provided in a supportive environment.

The fourth house offers a more enhanced level of assisted living for those whose needs fall between traditional assisted living and a skilled nursing level of care. It provides a perfect setting for those who need help with their medical equipment or getting in and out of a chair.

GreenField Terrace is the first person-centered care assisted living residence in the Buffalo area specifically designed and built in the household style. Each of the four houses has 12 rooms, providing residents with more individualized attention in a comfortable, less-structured environment. Residents decide when they want to get up and what activities they want to partake in each day. They may help with meal preparation if they want, and help tidy up their room. The focus is on the person rather than the schedule.

The “person-centered care” approach to caregiving moves decision-making directly to the residents and their care partners. Each resident enjoys greater independence and is encouraged to continue to thrive as an individual. Relationships are at the heart of the philosophy, which strengthens ties with the care partners, family, friends and community.

Research to date has shown that the person-centered care approach has resulted in many benefits to residents, including:

• Reduced levels of depression, agitation and weight loss

• Decreased use of anti-depressant medications

• Increased family satisfaction with care and services

• Increased family involvement with elders and care partners

The goal of person-centered care is to de-institutionalize the care residents receive by creating a true home environment that makes life worth living for each resident, regardless of his or her clinical condition.

Each house at GreenField Terrace includes a fully equipped kitchen where residents may help with meal preparation, if they choose, and a dining area. Amenities also include a living room with a fireplace and library, a private sitting area, a beauty salon and barber shop and outdoor patios.

While at GreenField Terrace, residents enjoy:

• Three home-style meals each day

• Round-the-clock assistance with daily activities and medication management

• Housekeeping and laundry services

• Scheduled medical transportation

• Social, cultural, educational, spiritual and recreational programming

• 24-hour security and emergency response system

GreenField Terrace is staffed by “universal workers” who are called “care partners.” These care partners are cross-trained to spend their shifts helping residents with varied activities, including helping with their personal care and laundry, working with them to prepare their meals, leading them in recreation activities, and generally keeping house.

In today’s institutional model of care giving, these tasks are all performed by various department personnel who, because of the scale of the facility, are less likely to learn the individual likes, dislikes, and personalities of the residents.

As residents of the GreenFields Continuing Care Community, GreenField Terrace residents receive priority access to all levels of care the campus has to offer, including skilled nursing, rehabilitation, outpatient therapy and respite care.

It’s never too soon to begin researching options since one can never to sure exactly when the need for advanced care may arise. The best thing to do is learn about dementia and visit as many facilities providing that level of care as possible.

To learn more about GreenField Terrace or to arrange a free tour, call 684-8400, email thegreenfields@niagaralutheran.org or go online at www.thegreenfields.org.

GreenField Terrace is an affiliate of the Niagara Lutheran Health System, a not-for-profit organization that provides “for the physical, social, and spiritual needs of the individuals we serve, in a Christian environment.”

The Niagara Lutheran Home & Rehabilitation Center has been providing skilled nursing, dementia care, and rehabilitation services to the people of Buffalo since 1956, and has earned a reputation for “Caring Heart & Soul.”


GreenField Terrace’s person-centered care approach encourages residents to continue to thrive as individuals.


The enclosed courtyard enables residents to enjoy spending time outdoors, without risk of wandering.

Residents enjoy mealtimes together in the common dining room.


Each resident has his or her own private bedroom and bathroom.