The Brothers of Mercy is proud to announce the opening of its new state-of-the-art Outpatient Rehabilitation Center. This 2,600 square foot expansion will satisfy a high demand from those who have been treated inpatient and want to return for outpatient services. In addition, we will now offer those outpatient rehab services to the community and individuals seeking physical, occupational or speech/language therapy.

Things to consider when selecting a Top-Rated Outpatient Rehab Facility

At the Brothers of Mercy, we understand finding the right rehabilitation facility can be challenging. With so many factors to consider, one of the most important things you can do is “ask the right questions”. Here are some key questions to ask when selecting a rehab facility that will fit your needs:

1. Does the facility offer Programs Specific to your Needs?

Every rehab situation is different. Your first question should be to see if the facility offers the specific and individual rehab services you need. At the Brothers of Mercy, we offer three outpatient rehab options: 1. Physical Therapy, 2. Occupational Therapy and 3. Speech/Language Pathology.

2. Is it a 5-Star Rated Facility?

Not all rehabilitation facilities are created equal. The Brothers of Mercy is proud to hold the Highest Government Ranking of 5 Stars for patient quality, nurse staffing levels and department of health survey results. We are one of very few nursing homes in all of WNY to receive this well-earned honor and distinction.

3. How are Treatment Plans developed?

Find out how treatment plans are developed at any facility you are considering. Physicians and nurses may work with physical, occupational, speech/language and recreational therapists, psychologists and social workers to develop patient treatment plans.

4. How Committed is the Staff?

Our rehabilitation team members are extremely committed and bring years of experience to the job. Many of our staff have been with the Brothers of Mercy for a number of years. It’s no wonder we have a 99% patient satisfaction rate.

5. How do your Outcomes compare to those of other Rehabilitation Facilities in the area?

At the Brothers of Mercy, over 97% of our past rehab patients give us an Overall Rating of Excellent and a 100% on overall satisfaction on therapy.

The Ultimate Goal is Returning Home ASAP

Nobody wants to stay in a nursing and rehabilitation facility longer than you have to. Rehabilitation services are available for those recovering from, among other things, hip and knee replacements, strokes, orthopedic surgeries, cardiac conditions, motor vehicle accidents and sports injuries. Therapy programs incorporate the latest techniques, the appropriate equipment and practice with everyday tasks. Starting this Fall, we will be offering Outpatient Rehab Services to the general public. This means you will be able to come in for rehab without being admitted as a patient.

Our Exclusive Homeward Bound Program

At the Brothers of Mercy our exclusive Homeward Bound Program is designed to achieve optimal results, return patients to their maximum level of normal activity possible and help patients return home quickly, safely, and as soon as possible.

Three Outpatient Rehab Options

When you choose the Brothers of Mercy for your outpatient rehab therapy, you can expect individualized care developed for your specific needs and goals. Our team of therapists wants to help you maximize your recovery and improve performance and daily function in all activities of daily living.


As one of the largest and most progressive Physical Therapy programs in WNY, we help patients improve strength, movement, mobility, balance, and range of motion skills. In addition we have some of the region’s top therapists on our team. Our highly trained Physical Therapists provide specialized care with:

Orthopedic Rehab

Muscle, bone and joint injuries - Post-Operative Care - Joint replacement - Rotator cuff repair - Neck and back surgeries – Arthroscopy – Tendinitis - Acute and Chronic Back Pain

Neck Pain

Neurological Conditions

Stroke - Parkinson’s disease - Neurological disorders – Dysphagia - Cardiac/Pulmonary (COPD, Myocardial Infarct, Congestive heart failure)

Addressing needs of Senior Citizens with:

Balance disorders - Fall prevention - Postural analysis and correction - Gait analysis and training - Muscle weakness - Deconditioning and activities of daily living remediation/compensatory strategies


Occupational Therapists help patients to practice and improve the skills of daily living including dressing, bathing, preparing and eating a meal, maintaining a home, and returning to normal living. We administer a critical assessment of the patient’s safety, judgment and endurance prior to discharge. Balance, mobility, arm strength, coordination and range of motion training and techniques. Our focus and objective is to make the transition back into the community a smooth one.

Our Occupational therapists have extensive training in the following areas: Self-care training -Electric mobility training - Upper extremity dysfunction/pain - Customized splinting - Hand injuries/Arthritis pain - Adaptive equipment fitting/training - Cognitive Impairment – ADLs.

The goal of the Occupational Therapy Department is maximum function in the least restrictive environment.


The Speech-Language Pathology staff serves those who face challenges that make it difficult to swallow (dysphagia), express oneself, or understand the spoken or written word. All speech pathologists and audiologists are NYS licensed. The speech pathologists also hold Certificates of Clinical Competence and are certified to provide neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) (also known as Vital Stim). We provide a variety of specific treatment programs for patients with speech/language, cognitive linguistic and swallowing disorders.

Swallowing Disorders: Diagnosis begins with a thorough swallowing evaluation to identify the type and severity of the problem. Treatment may include diet level modification strategies to reduce aspiration and choking and patient/family education.

Speech & Language: Speech/Language evaluation and therapy to improve communication disorders with patients of all ages.

Cognitive-linguistic Disorders: Evaluation and treatment to target increased memory, problem-solving, and safety for increased independence.

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