On a bright sunny day in October 2001, GreenField Court's first residents moved into their brand new assisted living apartments. A week later, GreenField Manor welcomed its first residential apartment home dwellers. After a year and a half of planning, fund raising and construction, the second phase of The GreenFields Continuing Care Community became a reality. Along with the skilled nursing, rehabilitation and outpatient therapy services already offered at GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center, The GreenFields has, over the past ten years, become one of the most sought after housing and health care options in Western New York.

Today, several original GreenField Manor and GreenField Court residents are still active members of the campus. Some have taken advantage of having priority access to all the levels of care provided on campus and have remarked about how wonderful it was to be able to do that. "Knowing my friends were nearby and able to visit often really helped me while I rehabbed at GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center after surgery,” says one of these residents.

People come to The GreenFields for a variety of reasons. For some, it is because it is in Lancaster, a convenient location for family and friends, especially those with ties to the south towns. For others, the Lutheran connection is what brought them. They knew that the same attitude of Caring ~ Heart & Soul would be evidenced at The GreenFields as it always has been at Niagara Lutheran Home & Rehabilitation Center and the Lutheran Church Home in Buffalo.
For even others, word of mouth intrigued them. In many cases someone they knew lived on or visited the campus and recommended that they learn more about it. After seeing first-hand what living at The GreenFields is all about, they made the decision to make it their home too. Whether people have lived on the campus for ten years or ten months, the most overheard comment is, “I love living at The GreenFields!"

Residential apartment homes, assisted living apartments, and skilled nursing care are complemented by one of Western New York's premier rehabilitation and outpatient therapy facilities at GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center (GHRC). In addition to traditional occupational, physical, and speech therapy, an aquatic therapy program second to none helps patients move more easily with less stress on the body. In the Outpatient Clinic, unique programs like prehabilitation (a pre-surgical program that makes recovery from joint replacement surgery faster and easier), fibromyalgia and other chronic pain syndrome therapies, and sports related therapies are available by appointment. Remember – you have the right to chose where you receive your rehabilitation care.

We invite you to celebrate The GreenFields ten-year milestone with us on Saturday, September 10. We will be hosting a special 10-Year Anniversary Celebration & Open House that day from 12:00 – 3:00 p.m. at GreenField Manor, 5953 Broadway in Lancaster. Residents will be opening their homes for tours and will be available to answer questions. Refreshments will be provided. To learn more, call (716) 684-8400 or visit us online at