They say that dreams and goals do come true if you work smart and hard to accomplish them.

For Dr. Todd Shatkin, his dream of becoming a dentist and working with his father, Samuel Shatkin, DDS, MD, a plastic and maxillofacial Surgeon and his brother, Samuel Shatkin Jr. MD, a plastic surgeon became accomplished in 1989. 2500 Ken-sington the home of the Aesthetic Associates Centre and has been for the last 30 years.

Dr. Shatkin was trained in placing conventional implants along with advanced Cosmetic procedures while at the University of Pacific School of Dentistry. He placed conventional implants for many years, but the acceptance of the procedure was low due to the high cost of the procedures, long healing times and the post-operative discomfort associated with the larger conventional implants. He knew there was an answer so that the people who suffered with loose dentures and those who were embarrassed to smile because they were missing teeth, could affordably, confidently and quickly have the procedures done. Mini Dental Implants were the answer! He not only dedicated his life to becoming the best in the field but is in fact one of the world’s leading expert on Mini Dental Implants. Dr. Shatkin has placed over 35,000 mini implants, with an overall success rate of approximately 95%. These implants are completed in one or two visits and can change patients’ lives!

In 2003, Dr Todd Shatkin was granted a Patent for replacing teeth in one visit with Mini Dental Implants. This revolutionized the implant world and has led to the education of more than 30,000 dentists world-wide in this life changing procedures. The ability for a general dentist to replace teeth and stabilize dentures has allowed more patients the ability to smile, laugh out loud again, eat the foods they use to love to eat and gain their self confidence back, affordably. He can even replace dentures with a full set of permanent teeth. Its like God gave you your first and second set of teeth and Dr Shatkin will give you your third and final set.

The need for more space:

With the increased need for more space, Dr Todd Shatkin started to plan in early 2016, for an addition to the exiting 2500 building. His Mini Dental Implant Dentist courses were sold out and the number of patients were growing. He had a dream and led the design for the new building along with his brother Dr. Sam Shatkin.

The New building was completed in January of this year. 15,000 square feet of Dental, including 21 operatories, 2 Dental Operating Suites and Conference areas including a dining area was the result.

Four Dentists make up the AAC team. They include: Todd Shatkin DDS, Dr John Lucchese Jr., Dr David Powers, Dr Seerat Mann and two AEGD NYU Residents. Dr Thomas Spulecki Jr. and Dr. Matthew Oueis will be joing us on July first.. In 2022 the ultimate dream of Dr. Shatkin will become reality when his son Jared, graduates from Tufts University Dental School. As history repeats itself, he is plans to join his father in practice.

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