By Trudy Palm


I LOVE GOING TO SEE MY DENTIST. There, I’ve said it. I know you’ll think I’m crazy, but there was a time when I would have thought so, too. Many people will say they HATE going to the dentist, but that’s because they haven’t yet discovered these guys ON THE COVER OF THIS ISSUE!

As a 50-something working woman, wife and mother, I’ve been to many professional offices in my lifetime and have experienced all different levels of care, some great, some not so great. The great ones stand out in my mind because, unfortunately, they’re so rare. So, you ask: Why do I love going to visit these two gentlemen and their team?? Oh, let me count the ways:

#1 As I step through the door into their reception area, without fail I’m greeted with a warm, friendly smile. They treat their patients like family. From the time I am greeted to the time I check out, everyone is professional, attentive, caring and gentle. There are no lectures (ok, ok, so I’m not a great flosser!...), no judgment, and get this – they actually listen to my concerns, plus I always feel safe, secure and comfortable in their care.

#2 Like many of you, I dreaded going to the dentist because of really bad past experiences. All those bad memories would overwhelm me as soon as I entered the front door and "that smell" hit me. You know what I’m talking about – that awful antiseptic dental smell. Well, their office smells fresh, thanks to the special air sterilization system they’ve installed that not only smells fresh, but kills all the germs and pesky pollen as well.

#3 Their office is clean, modern and welcoming; it reminds me of a nice boutique hotel. Each non-claustrophobic treatment room looks out a large picture window and features overhead TV. I can watch my favorite show while having my teeth cleaned, all the while relaxing on a Tempurpedic chair pad and neck pillow. Talk about relaxing! Or I can listen to my favorite tunes and drown out dental sounds via their noise-canceling headphones. Plus, they offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for nervous Nellys like me at no extra charge!

#4 Which reminds me – the reason I went there in the first place was because they offer Sedation Dentistry. If you or someone you love is frightened of dental care, please do yourselves a favor and look into sedation at Westermeier Martin Dental. I cannot say enough about it, other than they literally changed my life and gave me a beautiful, healthy smile, besides. A pill or two, la-la land and you’re done! Trust me on this, you’ll be amazed.

#5 When my husband broke a tooth, we called and they took care of him the very same day! He walked out an hour later with a new, permanent tooth, thanks to their CAD –CAM technology, which offers computerized precision dentistry in one hour or less! I like that they’ve invested in new technologies, like digital x-rays, which give off much less radiation than film, and have kept up on the latest advances in dentistry. They even have something called an intra-oral camera, a tiny camera attached to the end of a small wand. You know how a dentist tells you you need something done, and you have no idea of what they’re talking about? This little camera can take you on a tour of your mouth, which you can watch on a monitor, so you can see exactly what’s happening.

#6 I like that they offer so many services under one roof. When my college-aged daughter needed her wisdom teeth out, they took care of her. When my mother-in-law was having problems with loose dentures, the doctors recommended anchoring them with implants. At first, she was hesitant; now she wishes she had done this sooner. She’s so happy she can eat her favorite foods again, and we’re happy she’s getting the right nutrition for her health.

#7 THE HYGIENISTS ARE ALL GENTLE, and they give me a goodie bag filled with free stuff I can really use after each appointment. And they don’t lecture me about flossing!!!

#8 Ok, so now about the Docs: Dr. Scott Westermeier is a third-generation dentist, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Dr. Scott, as he prefers to be called, is a big guy, around 6’4’. (My husband still marvels to this day that someone so tall can have such gentle hands). He has a relaxed, informal chair-side manner along with a calm confidence that can put even the most anxious patients at ease.
Dr. Scott’s favorite thing to do is to give someone the smile they’ve always longed for (actually, he’s kind of famous for this…). One of the recipients of his mastery is my husband. While not a vain man, he was self-conscious about his missing and crooked teeth, a result of a sports injury. In business dealings and socially, he held back from smiling. Post-Dr. Scott, he smiles readily and happily and loves it when people say things to him like, “Boy, you’re so lucky to be born with a nice smile, you don’t know what it’s like to go through life with bad teeth.” (Between you and me, I have had to limit his smiling activities lately, especially when it comes to attractive younger members of the female sex).

#9 Dr. Jeff Martin, the other half of this dynamic duo, knew since boyhood he wanted to become a dentist. Once you meet him, you’ll notice his passion for dentistry and concern and caring for his patients. No matter how busy he is, he takes time to sit and talk with me about my life and my family. It’s so nice not to feel rushed and like a number these days! Dr. Martin placed my mother-in-law’s implants and gave her back her smile and her confidence. She can’t stop raving to everyone she meets about the level of detail and concern she experienced while under his care. Dr. Martin actually has his own official fan club, believe it or not.

#10 I also really like that they both give back to the community. For the past five years they have opened their doors to the disadvantaged and delivered free dental care as their Valentine’s Day gift to their communities.

So, I can go on and on, but I think you get the picture. The 10 reasons I'm glad they’re on the cover of this issue because so many Western New Yorkers believe they offer something very rare and special and they want to share it with you. The manager at Westermeier Martin Dental tells me that while most of their new patients are referred to them by their patients and even other dentists, there’s always room for the readers of After 50. Tell them Trudy sent you!

Offices are situated in a beautiful park like setting.
State-of-the-art examing rooms.
Friendly, caring and professional staff.