T Injuries, spinal degeneration and nerve damage result in several changes to the body. Neuropathy results in damage to nerves. All could be due to diabetes, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, statins or other long-term medication use, vascular diseases, spinal trauma to the neck or low back and idiopathic neuropathy, which has no definitive cause as to why it occurred.

Damage to nerves results in several changes leading to chronic pain. When damage first occurs, the body begins the healing process. Healthy inflammation is sent to the damaged tissue. The person may experience swelling, pain or discomfort in the area. Over time the tissue does not heal, and the body instead stabilizes the injury as best it can. The nerve itself functions much like a light bulb. It turns on and off. When it can no longer turn off properly, as a result of damage and inflammation the symptoms of neuropathy begin. Because of how special a nerve is it feels many different things, sharp pain, burning, numbness, tingling, pins and needles. The blood supply to the nerve retracts and the nerve then can no longer receive enough of the nutrients it needs, weakening the muscles associated with the nerve and causing the individual to feel more pain or discomfort, difficulty with balance, walking or standing for any period of time.

Neck and back pain occur from many different causes. Degeneration or trauma to the spine over time may lead to serious changes. Not all initial injuries or changes result in immediate pain. Pain can be acute, a new injury, or chronic, as the result of damage over time or repetitive damage. Many symptoms and issues progress later in life. Arthritis, disc bulges, disc herniations, stenosis, sciatica, muscle spasms, and spinal cord or nerve damage are just some things that occur. These changes result is difficulty in standing or walking, balance; nerve pain in the arms, hands, legs and feet; weakness and difficulty taking care of yourself, home or loved ones.

Imagine when you were PAIN FREE without that chronic neck or back pain that all got worse over time, caused by surgery, a car accident, or a slip or fall. Living life without chronic pain, sharp shooting pain, cramping, and muscles spasms, difficulty walking or standing or taking care of yourself or loved ones should be your ultimate goal and plan.

Imagine your PAIN FREE life, without the symptoms of peripheral Neuropathy, the pins and needles, tingling, burning, numbness and sleepless nights.

“A Natural Solution to Pain Relief “

Dr. Christian Milioto and Dr. Kevin Nightingale have taken pain relief and healthcare to the next level at WESTERN NEW YORK PAIN (WNY)RELIEF and INTEGRATIVE WELLNESS CENTER. They have established an office that incorporates the best in state-of-the-art technology, evidence-based medicine, modern research, and most importantly- PATIENT CENTERED HEALTHCARE. They are getting people better faster than ever before, without the use of drugs or invasive surgeries. Western New York Pain Relief at 4415 Union Road is centrally located in Cheektowaga, off of the 33 Expressway, by Maryvale High School.

WNY Pain Relief strives to provide next level care that helps those who have dealt with long term chronic pain, with little or no relief from other alternative therapies.

“At our office, we focus on complex cases. Most of our patients have done it all or tried it all, with little to no relief. We strive to provide each patient with individual, honest care. We get to the root cause of what led to their chronic pain, and help them eliminate it once and for all. Our office has had the honor of helping thousands reduce and eliminate the use of pain medications they have been taking to try and cope with their peripheral Neuropathy and/or chronic neck or back pain, including but not limited to Gabapentin, Lyrica, Cybalta, & Neurotin; Lortab, Hydrocodone or NSAIDs. At our office, we believe in ELIMINATING THE CAUSES OF YOUR PAIN; not masking them with drugs.” - Dr. Milioto.

The treatment protocols of Dr. Milioto, along with Dr. Nightingale, are unique to their office. They employ a combination of therapies, individualized to each person, to treat each patient's individualized pain. Each therapeutic approach is used to reduce chronic pain and prevent further damage to the nerve, bones, muscles and vasculature system.


Therese: “The best place for neurological challenges and back problems! Extremely great doctors who care for their patients more than anything else. Nutritional help also available!!”

Pete: The quality of my life has improved drastically. I’m able to get back to things I haven’t done, bowling, driving a race car, sleeping much better than I have in the last 10 or 20 years. A great alternative to surgeries”

Carolyn: “Went for a consultation for pain in my feet, legs, hips and lower back. The doctors reviewed my MRI and explained exactly what was going on with my spine. First time anyone showed me what was happening to my disks. Very knowledgeable and professional. You Came up with a treatment plan that I start next week. I can't wait to get started”

Anne: “After trying multiple routes I called inquiring about spinal decompression, and honestly it was the best thing I ever did. They walked me through a care plan with multiple therapy techniques, offered financing with great offers through Care Credit, and got me started right away. Everyone in the office is spectacular and I can't even praise them enough!! The best part is that everyone is very honest and realistic and doesn't try to promise anything they can't guarantee. I will only go back to WNY Pain Relief & Integrative Wellness for these services bc it was not only a great experience but also life changing.”

Felix: “I have been coming twice a week. I thought that there was no hope, hoping for 20-30% improvement. My pain was 24/7. Up until now I have achieved 50% and I am not done. Im sleeping better, my life is much better. They use light therapy that open up my blood vessels, a electric therapy that works on the nerve pain in my feet, and decompression that works on my stenosis. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this office”

At Western New York Pain Relief and Integrative Wellness Center you will receive the best in care. If you suffer from years of neck, back, or neuropathy pain or symptoms, call now, schedule your free consultation or seminar reservation. Live your life, with less medication and pain call today and take the next step towards the pain free life you deserve. Call 650-7246 today and visit them at buffalopainrelief.com