The entries just kept coming in, faster than they could keep up with them. Westermeier Martin Dental Care’s 4th annual Mother’s Day Makeover had just been announced on TV and the radio, and nominations for candidates poured in from all over WNY. Some even came from as far away as Pennsylvania and Toronto. Candidates were asked to include stories of why they deserved a makeover, along with their pictures.

While we all know mothers work hard and usually put themselves last, many of the entries told stories of WNY mothers who experienced especially trying times and still somehow found the energy and strength to do what was best for their families. Sifting through the entries was not easy. To the outside observer, this might look like fun, in truth it’s a tremendous responsibility.

From past experiences with previous Makeover winners, the team of Westermeier Martin Dental Care understood the tremendous positive changes this makeover would bring to one special Mom’s life. They knew these changes would allow the winner to be able to live life without pain and embarrassment, to be able to eat favorite foods, to freely share meals with family and friends, to advance in their careers, to confidently smile at social events and family gatherings. After much discussion among their panel of judges, they settled on 5 finalists and invited all 5 of them to meet with the Doctors and team at Westermeier Martin Dental Care to choose their final winner

Alexandra Nello knew she had to enter her Mom, Karen Nello, into the Makeover contest as soon as she heard about it. She was very aware of all the daily pain and embarrassment her Mom suffered with her missing and damaged teeth. Determined to get her beloved Mom the smile she needed, Alexandra sent us her Mom’s pictures and this heartfelt letter:

“My mother's name is Karen Nello and she deserves a new smile more than anyone I know. She has always put others’ wants and needs well before her own. Over the past 20 years her teeth have become worse and worse, now it is very difficult for her to eat anything at all and I haven't seen her truly smile in years. She neglected her own health to take care of my ill father who passed away over four years ago and now she has been taking care of and supporting me due to the emergency brain surgery I went through this February. Her job does not provide her with affordable health insurance and with me being unable to work due to surgery, we have not been able to put anything into saving up for dental work at all. If my mother gets chosen for this makeover I would be eternally grateful, she's an amazing, strong, loving woman and I would love to see her be able to smile again.”

Not being aware her daughter entered her into the Mother’s Day contest, Karen Nello was surprised to receive the phone call informing her she was chosen as one of Westermeier Martin’s finalists. She was even more shocked when she was proclaimed the contest winner. Shocked as well as worried. Karen explained she avoided dental offices because of very bad childhood dental experiences. “I knew for a long time that something really needed to be done about my teeth” said Karen. Presented with this opportunity of a lifetime, fear or no fear, she wasn’t about to let this makeover slip through her fingers. After meeting with Doctors Westermeier and Martin and their team, and settling on a treatment plan, Karen decided to undergo her procedures with sedation. Because of her fears, she really appreciated these dentists offered sedation dentistry.

“Everybody at Westermeier Martin Dental made me feel so comfortable and safe. You know, I’ve been to a lot of medical offices because of my husband’s and daughter’s illnesses. A lot of places make you feel like you’re just a number. At Westermeier Martin Dental Care, you can tell they really care about their patients. It’s obvious that they’re perfectionists and take pride in their work. I really appreciate that they focused on fixing my teeth, not on how they got that way. My treatment was extensive, but with sedation, I was blissfully unaware the whole time, with surprisingly little discomfort afterwards. In fact, I don’t even remember getting into the dental chair!”

In addition to the Smile Makeover, Cielo Salon in East Aurora treated Karen to a complete hair and makeup makeover. She felt very much at home and at ease with the friendly and professional staff who worked their magic, and walked out looking and feeling beautiful and glamorous! Eros Day Spa and Wellness Center of East Aurora donated a luxurious spa treatment to the lucky winner and the charming, historic Roycroft Inn pitched in with an overnight stay including a champagne dinner for two.

How has the Smile Makeover changed Karen’s life? In the short time since her makeover, she’s been out and about, smiling at everyone she sees. “I can talk to people again with confidence- that is so great- knowing that people are actually listening to what I’m saying rather than looking at my teeth. The people at work keep staring at me telling me they can’t believe the changes. I am overjoyed and would recommend those two dentists to anybody. Fear? What fear ! I am overjoyed!”

Westermeier Martin Dental Care also invites you to one of their monthly Implant Seminars on June 12th at their East Aurora office, 950 Main Street or June 13th at the Marriott Hotel, 1340 Millersport Highway in Amherst. Both seminars begin at 6:30pm. Call 652-7645 to reserve your seat today.