As a mother, the sound of your child’s laughter and sharing in that laughter, is one of life’s greatest joys. For Nicole Beaudoin, a mother of two, this was no exception. Nicole loves to spend quality time with her children, six-year-old Andrew and 11-month-old Skye, but laughing along with them, she usually covered her mouth with her hand, embarrassed by her smile.

Now, though, after having been chosen as Westermeier Martin Dental Care’ s 2016 Mother’s Day Smile Make-over winner, she can relax and confidently smile and laugh right along with her family!

Nicole is married to her high school prom date, AJ, and they work together to provide a loving home for their family. Nicole is the primary caregiver for her two children as well as to her husband, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, wounded in service. She also works part time to help with family finances. She heard about the Mother’s Day Makeover event on TV, and hoped this could be a chance for realizing a long held dream.

Nicole explains, “I’ve had problems with my teeth my whole life. As a child, I was constantly in and out of dental offices. After a while, all that work I had done when I was younger started breaking. It was the worst during my pregnancy. Once one tooth broke, it started a domino effect, and others started going as well. Now, all my teeth hurt and I have trouble eating and chewing, so I stick with soft foods. That, I can handle, but it just kills me that I can’t smile in front of my kids”, she continues. Her mother Diane adds, “Nicole’s had dental issues all of her life. I hate seeing her ashamed of her smile and hiding her mouth, when she does smile. Nicole always puts everyone else first and I just want to see her put first”. According to her mother, “Nicole has taken to gluing what is left of her teeth back together. She is such a wonderful wife and mother, she deserves to smile with her family. And her children deserve to see their Mom happy and smiling as well.”

At Westermeier Martin Dental Care, Maria Miecyjak, Practice Administrator, poured over the one hundred plus deserving entries, looking for that one special mom to be chosen for the grand prize. “I really thought it would be fun, choosing one person to grant this special prize to. But it ended up being so hard, there were so many deserving moms.”, explains Maria. “How do you choose? I gathered up the top ten candidates and met with both Drs. Scott Westermeier and Jeff Martin. We agonized over these entries for several days. Finally after much deliberation and discussion, we chose Nicole. Her story resonated with us and we definitely wanted to gift this young mother, to be able to laugh easily with her children, without being afraid of them seeing her smile. So many activities & events still to come in their lifetimes, and she will definitely need that smile!”

Maria and a photographer informed Nicole she’d been chosen. “Congratulations, you’re our grand prize smile make-over winner!” were the words that started Nicole down the path of pampering and a new, dazzling smile. She also won a total beauty makeover from Cielo Salon, a special spa treatment at Eros Spa, and dinner for 2 with overnight accommodations at the charming Roycroft Inn, all of East Aurora.

Westermeier Martin Dental Care greeted Nicole with open arms and excitement when she first met with her dental team to begin her smile transformation. Dr. Scott Westermeier was the lead dentist and said, “The first visit we had with Nicole was to evaluate and develop a treatment plan that she was comfortable with.”

Dr. Westermeier states the reason the practice gives away a Mother’s Day and a Veteran’s Day smile make-over (in 2015 they gave away four smile make-overs to Veterans!) is,” We want to give back to the community that has supported us for more than 80 years. We also know, from experience, that Moms take care of everyone else first, and usually put themselves last. We want to honor all those Moms”.

Dr. Scott Westermeier’s grandfather and father founded the practice that carries on the tradition of giving back to the community. “The best part is when we reveal a beautiful new smile to a patient,” he said. “Often there are plenty of hugs and tears of joy. It’s why we do what we do.”

Nicole was treated to a salon makeover that included hair and make-up. You can see in her “after” photos that she no longer feels the need to hide her smile. “She is just beaming with confidence and is so thrilled to have her beautiful smile and confident old self back,” Maria said. “Nicole shared with me she feels much more approachable now that she’s smiling all the time, and she has more confidence in approaching other people as well. It’s made her more outgoing, and she’s loving it!”. Her husband AJ, holding back tears, shared he’s so happy to have back the Nicole he met and fell in love with..

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