Home isn't just where you live--it's a place that provides ample opportunities for you to enjoy life to the fullest. It's where you raise a family, perfect your culinary skills, and create memories that will stay with you forever. As we age, many of us desire a home with the same sense of comfort, but with far less responsibility and upkeep. That is exactly what you'll find at Clover Communities--affordable, high quality senior living options with tight-knit communities just waiting for you to join.

Founded in 1987, Clover Management, Inc. has grown to become a premier provider of professional property management and construction services across New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Today, they proudly own or manage more than 10 million sq. ft. of property, including senior (55+) communities, apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and commercial spaces. While Clover's interests extend far beyond the reaches of senior housing, it is this section of the portfolio that is growing the quickest--Clover manages approximately 2,250 senior apartments. Additionally, Clover currently has 7 projects under construction, 6 of which are Clover Senior Communities. With an aging population that is drastically increasing in number, the demand for this product is constantly growing. Michael Joseph, Clover's President and founder, stated: "We're proud we've been able to make such a difference in the senior community."

In recent years, the market for independent senior housing projects has produced ample competition for Clover projects. This has not, however, affected the Clover Communities, as they continue to operate at about 95% occupancy. The reason for Clover's continued success is twofold--the convenient locations of the communities, and the amenities provided on-site. Clover Communities are built as a "One-Stop Shop," meaning that almost everything seniors require on a day-to-day basis is under one roof. The buildings feature a centrally located elevator, indoor trash rooms and an indoor central mailbox system. This means residents do not have to leave the comfort of the building for daily activities like removing trash from their apartments, or checking for mail. There is a community lounge with a fireplace which is great for casual conversation, and a large community room which holds all of the larger, building-wide events and activities. Additionally, there are family rooms with kitchens on each floor that can be used for private gatherings and smaller club meetings. Clover Communities also offer a fitness center and many offer classes taught by certified personal trainers. There is a beauty salon/barber shop to meet all of the residents' hair needs, and outdoor patios provide a space to gather and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Laundry facilities are present on every floor, and in Clover's newest projects washers and dryers are also provided in every unit. This negates the cost of a laundry service, and provides residents with hassle-free laundry days.

Although Clover Communities offer residents almost everything they could possibly need under one roof, they understand the importance of accessibility to the outside world. Because these communities are conveniently located, in-house van service provides residents with complimentary trips to the grocery store, as well as transportation to and from outings planned by the activities committee. For residents who are no longer able to drive, this allows them the freedom to travel without needing the aid of a family member or friend. Convenience of location also means that residents who do drive have quick access to grocery stores, banks, restaurants and major highway routes.

While clubs and activities offered are unique to each individual building, all Clover Communities have a monthly activity calendar that is put together by committee. Residents engage in game nights, potlucks, exercise classes, holiday parties and everything in between. This creates a tight-knit community, and allows residents to form strong friendships with each other. Clover believes it is this process of creating a community that keeps residents in their apartments for as long as possible.

With seventeen senior apartment projects already completed and six more currently underway, it is clear that Clover has found its niche. They understand that the needs of seniors are constantly changing, and have proven that they are willing to adapt their product to meet these needs. At Clover communities, providing a comfortable lifestyle to residents is paramount--which begs the question, seniors, why would you want to live anywhere else?