ElderWood staff members take time to become friends and share residents favorite pastimes like browsing through magazines for tasty new recipes.
Many people with dementia are otherwise healthy. Enjoyable activities help them maintain the highest possible level of ability.
Seasons projects are designed so that everyone can participate. Instead of feeling frustrated by what they can’t do, residents feel pride in what they can.
    Residents in Seasons Memory Care feel at home in a welcoming community where they look forward to seeing familiar faces every day.

Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia take more than memory. Tragically, they take personality and contentment, too. So families are amazed and grateful when they see the difference Seasons® Memory Care makes. Some even call the change a transformation.

Residents in ElderWood’s Seasons program are noticeably happier. Mom is calm and cooperative. Dad looks forward to each day. They eat and sleep better. They display fewer disturbing behaviors, and often need less medication. They make and enjoy new friends. Family relationships are better, too, because loved ones seem more like their old, familiar selves. It all makes life easier, more rewarding and more enjoyable for everyone.

Improving quality of life

Seasons Memory Care is designed to give residents a more fulfilling life. It’s a philosophy as well as a method of providing care. Our staff is carefully trained in special ways to understand, communicate and interact. And that means every staff member – even ones not directly involved with care. As a result, memory-impaired residents experience exceptional patience, compassion and respect. Our approach enables them to feel relaxed, maintain dignity, and preserve as much independence and autonomy as possible.

Seasons is all about the individual

Seasons programming focuses on the personality, history, likes and dislikes of residents. We take the time to know them as the unique individuals they are, so we can incorporate aspects of family, work, hobbies and interests into their day. We adjust activities to each one’s level of ability, engaging all the senses and encouraging creativity.

Everybody joins in

Baking pies is a typical group activity. Those who can might peel apples or roll out pastry, fold napkins or set the table. Others will simply observe the bustle and enjoy the pleasing aromas. And of course, everyone shares the delicious results.

A powerful example of Seasons’ effectiveness

Residents with dementia are often transformed by our sensitive care. This woman’s story is just one of many: Using a wheelchair when she came to us, she was agitated and difficult to care for. Within three months in Seasons Memory Care, she was walking independently and taking part in a cooking group. When we discovered that she thought of herself as a supervisor, we gave her a desk so she could “go to work.” Her quality of life improved dramatically as she regained her ability to be part of the community.

Comforting surroundings

We purposely design Seasons environments to be as soothing and homelike as possible. Lights are low, floors are carpeted, and furnishings are comfortable. Nostalgic music and fragrance create a peaceful mood. Except for specialized activities, participants are part of their ElderWood community, not separate from other residents.

Keeping everyone sharp

The programs and philosophy of Seasons Memory Care benefit all residents, including those whose memories are sound. Activities that enhance cognition are important to life at ElderWood. Residents genuinely enjoy games and puzzles that spark creativity and exercise their problem-solving skills.

Just the right level of care

Many people with dementia are otherwise healthy – they don’t really need to be in a nursing home or a locked unit. All ElderWood assisted living residences feature safety and security measures, including a system to prevent wandering. Secure memory units with Seasons activities and techniques are available if required.

Staying where you feel at home

No one likes to be uprooted, and it’s especially difficult for people in memory care. That’s why ElderWood offers New York State’s Assisted Living Program. Medically qualified assisted living residents can take advantage of ALP if their circumstances change. Should they need a higher level of care, they can transition smoothly into Seasons Memory Care in an ElderWood skilled nursing facility.

Come see for yourself

The best way to appreciate all the benefits of Seasons Memory Care is to see the program in action. With locations in Amherst, Cheektowaga, Grand Island, Hamburg, Lancaster, West Seneca, Wheatfield and Williamsville, ElderWood is convenient to everyone.

Call us at 716-250-9663 or 1-888-826-9663 today to arrange for a tour. We look forward to meeting you. Till then, please visit our website at www.elderwood.com.