A Letter from our family to yours...

Hello, my name is Josh Klein. My wife and I are the owners of First Alert Medical Pendant. I wanted to take a few minutes to share our story and why this company is so important to us.

In 2010, our family suffered a tragedy. My wife's grandmother was taken from us. She was a vibrant 87 year old who enjoyed her retired life. She was an avid bingo player and spent countless hours in the kitchen baking.

Our tragedy happened on an early spring night when she was coming home from her weekly bingo run in Canada. She accidently turned off the thruway on the wrong exit, became lost and was involved in a single vehicle accident. She was transported to the hospital and passed a few days later.

After our loss, we started First Alert Medical Pendant to provide families affordable emergency help at the push of a button, whether the user is at home or on the go! For us, safety is our number one concern and when a senior chooses to age in place, we want to help them with their safety by providing a medical alert pendant.

Our pendants work on a wireless 3G signal so no phone line or internet is needed. We provide fall detection, GEO-fencing and GPS for convenience. Our pendants are great for active, on the go seniors who want to keep their independence, while giving their family members the peace of mind that they are safe!

From our family to yours, we invite you to take a look at our medical pendant and see how it can change your life, maybe even save it. For the holiday season, we are offering a pendant at no cost for equipment, activation or set up with a fee of $19.99 a month. For less than a dollar a day, you get the can get help instantly, while providing peace of mind for your family.

Yours truly,

Josh Klein

First Alert Medical Pendant

Meet our products!

In order to complete our company mission, we offer a few products to help seniors age in place. First and foremost is our Mobile Medical Alert Pendant. Our pendant weighs just over 2 ounces and is 2’’ wide by 2.5’’ tall. It comes with a two-way built in speaker for convenient use. In the event of an emergency, the operator will talk to you through the speaker on the front. With our GPS technology, we can send emergency help to you, anywhere! Our pendant is designed to be worn in the shower and is water and dust resistant. Our Pendants come with 3 very popular features: Fall Detection, GEO-Fencing and GPS location finder.

Fall Detection is such an important feature for everyone, especially users who have some mobility issues, use a walker or cane, are prone to seizures or just sometimes need a little help getting up. Our fall detection will sense that the user has fallen and automatically connect to our help center so that we can assist.

GEO-Fencing is a term that many of our users and their families have never heard. GEO-Fencing has the ability to set an invisible perimeter that will notify loved ones if the user has crossed that invisible line. We see the feature most beneficial in users who have Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

GPS is one of the most used features of our pendants. This features allows family, friends and emergency services to locate a user in the event of an emergency. GPS come in handy with users who may experience car trouble, we can send help directly to them.

We also offer a monitored medication dispenser for those users who need help remembering to take their medication. Our dispenser can be used up to 4 times daily with audible reminders and a flashing light. The medication dispenser is monitored by our trained technicians in our office to ensure proper medication management. If a loved one forgets to take their medication or has a question, our trained staff is just a push of a button away. We offer 24/7 monitoring and support with an end of day email detailing times medication was taken. Our dispenser gives the user independence while ensuring their safety and delivers peace of mind to worried family members.

Here is a few things our customers are saying

“I’m 89 year young, I still drive, I work part time, I volunteer at Meals on Wheels and I live with my cat Sam. I bought a medical alert pendant from First Alert Medical Pendant back in 2007 and I swear by it. I use it almost daily and take it everywhere I go. This is by far the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I recommend First Alert Medical Pendant to everyone I talk to. Get a pendant before it's too late.”

Jean Whicker- Williamsville NY

“Five Stars! I've had a few medical alert pendants and I’ve always cancelled or stopped using them. I would very highly recommend First Alert Medical Pendant, the company is great and the price is great. I put my trust in First Alert Medical Pendant and the folks that work there.”

Mrs. Wilder- Depew New York

Some questions our customers have asked.

Q: How do I wear the medical alert?

A: We offer 3 convenient ways to wear our medical alert which include a lanyard, a wrist bracelet or a clip for your pants/waist.

Q: If I press the help button, does it go straight to emergency services?

A: No, once the help button is pressed, you are connected to our office and a trained representative will answer and assist. In the event you do need emergency services, we will notify them and stay on the line till help arrives.

Q: What if I spend a few months out of town?

A: Great! Because we don’t use a landline or internet, you can use our system anyone across the USA and Canada. Just remember to pack the base charger. If you need help, press your button and with our GPS technology we will know where to send help!

Q: Who should purchase a medical alert?

A: A Medical Alert device is ideal for anyone who would like peace of mind by getting 24-hour protection in case of medical emergency—especially older Americans who live alone, who studies show are more likely to suffer a fall at home.

Q: Is now the best time to buy a medical alert?

A: YES! Our promotion for the Christmas and the holidays is by far the best time to buy. Our normal price is $34.99 a month- but if you purchase during the holidays, we only charge $19.99 a month! Plus we waive the activation fee and set up fee. Plus we offer all three convenient ways to wear our pendant at NO additional charger! And the best part, NO long term commitments! Call now to all your questions answered.