Is your loved one in a Nursing Home? Are they running out of money? Or have you been told you need to apply for Medicaid? If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to call Summit Health Care Solutions today! Summit is the best kept secret in Buffalo as they represent more individuals in applying and obtaining Nursing Home Medicaid than anyone else in New York State.

The cost of placing your loved one in a Nursing Home can be substantial and after a period of time, many run out of money. Did you know that the average cost of a nursing home in Western New York is $317 per day, or $115,560 per year? That is why most everyone who admits a loved one to a Nursing Home will be faced with the time consuming, overwhelming task of applying for Nursing Home Medicaid. This is why many families turn to Summit to represent their loved one in applying for Medicaid.

At Summit, we obtain and compile all the necessary documentation and complete all the application requirements for our clients Nursing Home Medicaid Applications. When you work with Summit, you are assigned a caring, compassionate case manager, who does all the work so you don’t have to. Additionally, your case manager obtains all of the documentation and verifications that are required. This includes 5 years of bank statements and all other financial accounts, pension, life insurance, even the required tax returns. Any document or verification that is needed – Summit will obtain if you don’t have it. When you ask Summit to represent your loved one, your time is spent with them and not spent collecting documentation like other representatives and lawyers expect you to do. Your case manager will also work closely with application examiners at the local government level, responding to numerous document requests as part of the process.

Summit Health Care Solution’s Founder Darlene Maclay, a former Nursing Home Administrator, witnessed first-hand the complex, stressful, and time consuming process that the families faced when attempting to apply and obtain Medicaid for their loved one. After initially offering representation services at his nursing homes, Mr. Robert Chur, former owner and operator of Elderwood’s Senior Care, suggested that Maclay offer this valuable service directly to families who previously thought that they had to hire a lawyer and pay expensive hourly rates. Mr. Chur also saw families struggling with the process, and believed a service such as what Summit could provide would be a tremendous benefit to these families.

Now in its 16th year, Summit has successfully represented over 10,000 applications in NYS and continues to grow by staying true to its original mission of advocating for families. Another cornerstone of this mission is a 100% Guarantee - if your loved one meets the eligibility requirements, Summit promises to complete your application and obtain nursing home Medicaid coverage or they will refund 100% of your money.

Having realized success in the Nursing Home Medicaid arena, in 2010, Maclay expanded Summit’s business by starting a second division providing Community Medicaid representation for acute care patients in local hospitals. Maclay tapped longtime Nursing Home Medicaid expert and trusted confidant, Kate Schaefer, to lead this new Hospital Division. Maclay, Schaefer and their team of Hospital case managers have since successfully completed thousands of Medicaid applications for their clients in need. Schaefer now has an additional role as Director of Development for the company.

Although still in the management role of the firm, one of the unique aspects of Summit is that both Maclay and Schaefer work directly with families and represent applicants on a daily basis. Allowing them constant interaction with the company’s clients and their families, as well as with Summit’s many dedicated case managers. They believe it’s this personal touch that drives their success. One sign of this is the incredible longevity of many of Summit’s case managers, several of whom have been with the company for more than 10 years. Maclay and Schaefer truly view the Summit case managers and the entire staff as part of their extended family.

When asked why families would engage a lawyer and pay expensive hourly rates for this process instead of hiring Summit, Maclay is quick to respond “families simply don’t realize that there is a better, more affordable alternative – we are the best kept secret in Buffalo”. As Maclay describes it, lawyers are better suited for estate planning. When a nursing home resident is in need of Medicaid they do not have money and do not need an estate plan. Unlike lawyers who typically charge expensive hourly rates or retainer fees, Summit charges an affordable flat fee with no hidden costs. But what really sets Summit apart is that they pride themselves on doing all the work and not asking the families to do it for them. This includes collecting and obtaining all of the required documents that an applicant doesn’t have easy access to so you can spend time with your loved one. Maclay understands how valuable spending time with your loved one is after they are admitted to the nursing home, which is why she has developed the business model and process to ensure that Summit does the work so you don’t have to.

When you ask Darlene Maclay to briefly describe her business to interested families, without hesitation she responds:

Your Case is Our Mission

Your Loved One is Our Focus and

Obtaining Medicaid is Our Promise