AthletiCare is Catholic Health’s comprehensive outpatient physical therapy and sports medicine program. Do you need to be an athlete to receive care? Absolutely not! Our patients span generations and include active adults, student athletes and weekend warriors.

What can you expect when you are a patient at AthletiCare? Quality care in a patient-centered atmosphere is the standard of care at AthletiCare. Longer treatment sessions with more personal attention is what sets AthletiCare apart from other physical therapy providers. All patients receive an individual treatment plan designed to address their specific needs, including extensive education about their condition, treatment and key elements to prevent re-injury.

AthletiCare’s therapists have extensive experience in all aspects of sports and general injury rehabilitation, and include doctors of physical therapy and board certified specialists. They have helped thousands of area residents overcome injuries and impairments and pride themselves on the kind of care that helps each patient achieve their highest level of physical condition while ensuring a safe and quick recovery.

“Our therapists have built lifelong relationships with their patients. We have found that our patients appreciate our commitment of having the same therapist by their side during their recovery,” stated Dave Avery, PT, DPT, manager of AthletiCare. “They strive not only to rehabilitate, but to educate and assist individuals in maintaining their health.”

A unique aspect of AthletiCare – Orchard Park is an aquatic therapy program designed for patients recovering from orthopedic, neurological and musculoskeletal impairment or injuries. Aquatic therapy is ideal for patients whose physical condition cannot tolerate land-based exercise.

Utilizing the buoyancy of water, patients can exercise more comfortably and earlier in their recovery, while increasing strength, flexibility and endurance.

For more information on how AthletiCare can assist in your recovery, call (716) 828-2455 or visit


Stroke & Neuro
Rehabilitation at
Partners In Rehab

Recovery after a stroke or complications from neurological conditions like Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis requires the expertise of an interdisciplinary team of clinicians specially trained in helping patients regain functional independence and confidence.

The Partners In Rehab – West Seneca team of therapists address physical, communication and independent living needs. We work collaboratively with patients, their family members and physicians to develop individualized treatment plans and rehabilitation goals.

Our therapists help patients achieve their highest level of functional ability, allowing them to return to life in the community, living either independently or with a little extra assistance.

“Our physical therapists help patients improve their strength, balance, coordination, and functional mobility,” explains Thomas Coleman, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT, and manager of Partners In Rehab. “Our occupational therapists help patients improve their function in self-care, leisure and work activities. Finally, if needed, our speech-language pathologists help patients improve their expression of thoughts and communication skills, as well as and safe swallowing to avoid aspiration pneumonia.”

Involving rehabilitation specialists early in the recovery process, who area focused on each patients individual goals and needs, offers patients the best opportunity for improved functional independence. For more information on how Partners In Rehab – West Seneca can assist you, call (716) 677-5022 or visit